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History of D-link

D-Link Corporation is a multinational networking ,it was founded in march 1986 in taipei.D-Link Corporation changed its name from Datex Systems Inc.in 1994,when it went public and when it became the first networking company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Key people of D-link corporation

Douglas Hsaio (CEO), John Hsuan (Chairman)

D-Link router just stopped working

D-link is a known brand and they make router which are quite good to use. But sometimes you do have this problem with any wireless router which is your router just stopped working. You know that this a common issue. Sometimes it happens due to IP address misplaced from one device overlap to another device for getting router work or it may be that you just need a restart on your D-link router device.

When your D-Link just stopped working you can follow below steps to solve this issue –

First you should follow basic steps before you continue. This means before you continue and be ready with full attention to fix D-Link router try you should try these normal steps –

  • You can reboot your modem and wait for 1 minute.
  • After that reboot your router and wait for 2-3 min.
  • Here you should make sure modem to router connection and cable is connected.
  • Now you can try connecting the modem with computer directly just to make sure internet service provider (Modem) side giving you internet.

If you do not follow these basic steps, just reset the router. The reset button for the router is located in a small hole in the case of the router. You can use a tooth pick to press the button and hold for ten seconds. You should note that resetting the D-Link router will return it to it’s Out of the Box state. You now will have to reconfigure the admin password, and any settings you have made to the router. Now reboot your PC’s and connect to the internet.

You can easily follow above steps to solve D-Link router just stopped working issue.

D-Link technical support number

Router today is one very important need for everyone on the internet. If you have internet connection to your computer then you need router to make your work easy. In the absence of a good quality router you cannot have a good internet connection. So you should use D-link router as it is of highest quality and features. But with D-Link router you may also face some technical issues. So if you face technical any issue with your D-link router then then you can contact D-Link router Technical support round the clock. So if you are using any D-link router device and at any point of time you face any technical issue with your router which you cannot fix on your own then without delay feel free to connect to D-link Router technical support number. Router is a device which can have technical issues, so if there is one that is bothering you then you can get instant service and support by dialing D-Link router technical support number.

D-Link customer care number

Similarly for any help or information related to D-Link router you can dial D-Kink customer care number.

Products of D-link

Hubs, Routers, DSL/Cable Gateways, Switches, Wireless Access Points, Storage and security IP cameras


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