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Gmail is one the best and the largest among the email service providers. Apart from the email the same account can be used on YouTube, Google plus and most of the other Google services. This means that you need a Gmail account and get all services. Now, what would happen if any technical glitches occur on the account? It might happen because that it is a service and technicalities are connected with it. The best way to get rid of all those issues is to call our Gmail password recovery helpline number. Any password related problem must be solved by the finest experts in the industry and we are those in gmail password recovery customer service Number industry. You don't need to feel shy because we receive your call in just one time and provide you with step by step guide to solve the issue. Seeing is believing and this could only be believed by you. So'just have a call.

Step by step guides to Gmail password recovery

Gmail password recovery is a systematic process and needs to be done with care.

  1. Firstly visit the login page of Gmail. If you don't know anything about that just go to Google search and write Google login. Visit the appropriate link.

  2. Now you see a need help link under the login button. Click on that link and it will redirect to a new page.

  3. On that page you will see three options. All of the issues are related to passwords and accounts. Just select the appropriate option and in this case it is I forgot my password. Select the radio button beside that text and click on the continue button. This would lead you to a new page.

  4. After clicking on the continue button you will redirected to next page. You will need to type your Gmail Id and the last password you remember. If you don't know any of the last passwords simple click on I don't know. Now a onetime password will be sent to you. There are two ways for it'one through SMS and the other through alternate email. Just click next.

  5. Now you would have received the OTP and you need to enter the OTP on the current page. And bang! You have got the access to the email account.

This was the whole process for Gmail password recovery.

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