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How to Solve the Top-most Issues in Kaspersky?

Due to its accurate design, hassle-free installation, and smooth performance, the Kaspersky antivirus has turned into the most popular security solution of this digital era. If you are among those users who are addicted to this, you are supposed to know the user manual with their technical aspects. You should know all the troubleshooting methods of your favorite security solution. Here is a request from the Kaspersky Toll-Free Number to be acquainted with the top most issues along with their probable resolutions.

  1. How to deal with Kaspersky antivirus downloading errors?
  2. How to repair Kaspersky antivirus instantly?
  3. Why Kaspersky antivirus script timed out before verification?
  4. How do I deal with the installation and uninstallation errors in Kaspersky antivirus?
  5. Why am I facing hard disc file allocation problem after Kaspersky installation?
  6. How do I remove corrupt files or expired software?
  7. How can I reboot my computer just after installing the Kaspersky?
  8. Why software is not getting installed after the successful installation of Kaspersky?
  9. How can you update Kaspersky internet security automatically?
  10. How can you scan your wireless network with Kaspersky Antivirus?

How can you update Kaspersky internet security automatically?

Your Kaspersky antivirus is not updating its virus database automatically. That’s why you have decided to find a reasonable solution against this issue. We recommend some solution steps that are concentrating the configuration of security solution for not using the proxy server. You are requested to try out the given method if you really want to deal with it.

As per Kaspersky Technical Support, the Kaspersky antivirus offers an option to use a specific proxy server. To deactivate it, you need to open your Kaspersky [Settings]. Go to the left pane of the opened window and click on the [Additional] icon. It will give you the chance to select the [Network Settings] option. Go to the [Proxy Server] section now and click on the [Proxy Server Settings]. The selection of [Do Not Use Proxy Server] will end up the process.

You may have changed the default settings in your Kaspersky antivirus. Thus, an effective way to deal with this problem is to enable Kaspersky to download updates automatically. You can do it by making double-click on the Kaspersky icon, launch it first. Go to the bottom right corner of the opened window and click on the [Small Settings]. The selection of [Additional] opens various options on the right side. Kaspersky Customer Service experts request you to access [Update Settings] page. Go for the first option, [Download and Install Updates Automatically]. Click [Set Up] updates run mode now and select the [Automatic] option.

How can you scan your wireless network with Kaspersky Antivirus?

  1. Disable your remote management
  2. Disable broadcast SSID
  3. Use a reliable encryption
  4. Update the built-in software
  5. Change the admin password

If you are using Window 7 or Windows Vista, you need little technical attention to scan the wireless network. Five troubleshooting tips are given here to help you out. All these methods have to be followed in their given orders. We, at the same time, request you to follow Kaspersky Customer Service Number for tackling out any sort of disorders. It is powerful enough to settle any of your troubleshooting slipups.

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