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In today's world one account can never serve our purpose. So, people usually have multiple email accounts. But in this situation forgetting passwords become common. And so MSN password recovery becomes a very handy thing. Apart from forgetting passwords, hacking can also be a reason to password reset. After a hack you need to get back your account and the password reset system helps you.

How to do password reset on MSN

  1. Firstly you need to go to the msn login page. If you don't know anything about it, just type msn login page on any search engine and it will take you to the required page.

  2. On that page, the first thing you need to do is provide a reason for password reset. This means that MSN needs to know if you are in need of a password reset or not. Select a reason and then click next.

  3. Now a new page opens up, on that page you gave two fields to be entered one for your current email address and the second one for captcha. The captcha field needs to be entered perfectly, otherwise you can't proceed forward.

  4. You now have two options, either to send recovery code to mobile or to the alternate email that you have already registered with the current email. The code will be one time only and cannot be used later on.

  5. If you don't have an email account linked to the MSN account, you need to answer one security question that was set during account creation.

How to make a safe password for email

Passwords are your key to the accounts and this needs to be unique so that it cannot be guessed by anyone else. There are many hackers who prefer to choose those accounts that have weak password and crack those accounts first. So here is a small list of password making tips that you might follow to safe passwords.

  1. First method requires you to make a combination of different type of symbols, alphabets and numbers that might not be guessed. Because passwords like 12345 and abcd are almost very common. Even hackers use this passwords to try any account for the first time.

  2. Always use two step login, in whatever service provider offer it. It helps a lot when you are using that account for very secret or important mails, because apart from hackers those mails may be tried by some enemies too.

  3. Always keep changing the passwords after fixed time period to make the hackers confused.

  4. Always have a database of passwords that you have used anywhere, this helps you to keep track of passwords which you have always used and can generate a new one easily.

MSN password recovery number for any help.

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