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The world has been made smaller with the use of the internet. And thus, the most important thing is to get connected to the internet. If you are a business man you can expand your business with it. But For connectivity the largest and the oldest method is email. There was a time it was a big thing, but today each and every man has it. And most of the people have more than one email id. This situation leads to loss of passwords somewhere in the mind and you need to recover that account or reset the password.

Here is the point where you need our password recovery support helpline number and get benefitted by the world´ s finest engineers. There are different methods in case of different service providers but the basic steps remain same. Even though you might feel that, we may not be available always, but this is not the case. We assure you that we will respond you in a single call and serve you with the step by step guide to your email service provider. But let us see the simple steps that are general in the case of all service providers.

Basic steps of password recovery

  1. The first and foremost step to get into password recovery is to visit the login page of your service provider. If you donot know about it, please visit any one of the known search engines like Google or Yahoo. Write your service provider name followed by login and press enter.

  2. Once you visit there you need to find texts like password recovery support or I forgot my password or need help. Click on the link if anyone of them is found. If not found then you should get help from our password recovery support helpline number and let us serve you.

  3. Once you reach the next page after clicking on the appropriate link, you should reach a page where you need to enter some of the recovery methods. In this methods, the most common are through recovery or alternate mail, or through the previously linked mobile number. In many cases, the providers allow a third method called security question for password recovery and it becomes handy when you have no alternate email or mobile number linked with the account.

  4. Once you have entered the alternate mail or the mobile number you are sent an OTP or a code to your specified number or email id. This code is entered on the next page along with a captcha and that´ s it.

  5. This was the most basic set of step for password recovery. If any of above points are not clear or you need any kind of help just call our password recovery support helpline and let us serve you.

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