How to Use WhatsApp for Business Promotion?

Considered as the most popular communication tool of the modern era, WhatsApp is a versatile platform for sharing files, images, and short video clips. It is designed to share personal as well as professional files, images, and short video clips. You can easily promote your products and services by the use of this communication tool. Our list will tell you why you should make the involvement of WhatsApp for your business promotion. However, the use of WhatsApp Customer Service Phone Number is recommended.

  1. Real-time Customer Service
  2. Feedback & Suggestion
  3. Personal Touch
  4. Creating and Targeting Groups
  5. Share Offers, Promotional Codes, and Flash Sales
  6. Providing Special Access to the Customers
  7. Demo Your Product
  8. Customer Support
  9. Giveaways
  10. Collaborate With Businesses and Partner with Influencers

But while using this tool for business promotion, you need to avoid abusing the customers even if they are negative on you. You should not make every conversation for raising a sale. You are also suggested to create quality contents. Your contents will be more likely to be valued by your customers if you create less and effective contents. Your messages should not irritate your customers. At the same time, you are suggested to value all those contents raised by your customers. While getting the answer of how to use WhatsApp for business, try to keep in mind that the customers associated with you are cleverer than you. We also suggest you for using the existing features.

How to make call on iPhone WhatsApp?

Placing a call from a contact card with WhatsApp requires the launch of [WhatsApp] from [iPhone Home] screen. It should be followed by the selection of [Contacts] tab on the bottom menu. After it is selected, you will have to click on the contact you want to call. Go to the bottom section and hit [Phone] next to his/her phone number. It will place a WhatsApp call for you. That is how you can make a WhatsApp call to any of your business partner, employee, or customer. To make call on WhatsApp iPhone from a chat, you are supposed to launch [WhatsApp] from your [iPhone Home] screen. Going forward, you need to click on the [Chats] tab on the bottom menu. To place a call, you will have to tap the chat conversation with the person. You will find the [Phone] button at the top-right corner.

WhatsApp Customer Service

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The WhatsApp management has introduced a customer service which is effortlessly handling the frequent issues. You just need to access WhatsApp Technical Support Number if you want any assistance from WhatsApp technical team. It is headed by highly experienced team leaders who are professional enough to manage the troubleshooting team. Apart from their rich technical skills, these team leads are also known for their leadership and managing abilities.

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